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The reason every home that is built should be equipped with solar energy

Jun 3

California's Title 24 law was passed in 2020. It mandates that every home constructed in the state is equipped with solar panels. Title 24 will be updated in 2022 by a new law that requires all residential properties to be ready for electric power, with language and guidance on installing batteries to store energy. These requirements are the first in America and have received both criticism and support. We are now looking to make clear why every home should be equipped with solar energy, regardless of whether laws have been passed.

The future is in the Future

Solar energy has rapidly become the fastest-growing renewable energy source in the United States. Advosy Energy helps to deliver clean renewable energy to millions of people daily. Similar to how central air and indoor plumbing were once at the forefront of the construction of homes, they swiftly became standard and homeowners who did not include these features as part of their home's design were forced to make changes to their homes.


Seamless Integration

A lot of the work required by a builder for a solar-equipped home can be done in the construction of a new home. Retrofitting homes to make them suitable for solar integration could be expensive and require creative problem-solving. Phoenix solar's benefit is the ability to include the cost of installing and constructing solar photovoltaic panels in the home loan.


Better by Design

Solar is often looked at when a home is being constructed. This forces homeowners or architects as well as builders to assess the home's energy requirements to make sure they maximize the potential of energy and reduce unnecessary demand. This can often lead to longer-term savings for homeowners and a reduction in energy costs as well as other environmental advantages.


It's important to you.

This change affects the people who are members of PEC who have already taken solar or those that had plans to. The benefits of solar include fewer energy bills, self-sufficiency, and better local air quality. This new policy does not just directly affects the current 6,000+ PEC solar customers but also all 350,000 PEC members who might consider switching to solar in the future with solar installer sparks in the form of NV.

Dozens of studies have shown that solar consumers' personal solar energy usage can increase savings to homeowners as well as to utility companies, such as PEC rather than reduce. Other utility companies may follow the same pattern, and homeowners will not be as likely to switch to solar, disregarding the many advantages to the environment and financials of switching to solar.


Where are we now

Freedom Solar has got your back. We'll always strive to protect our customers and ensure that solar is an affordable easy option for everyone who is able to as our future is dependent on it. We want to assure PEC those considering solar that solar sparks will be consulted to determine whether solar is financially feasible for you, and will provide suggestions to make it a more environmentally sustainable investment.


Even though the rates you'll get from solar are less, you still benefit from producing clean power for your home's use. Those benefits can be measured in cents and dollars as well as in the quality of air.

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