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A major process to transform Lentor Modern to become a well-known urban residence

Apr 9

Lentor Modern is an urban zone with mixed-use properties and encompasses more than 185,000 square feet within Lentor Modern. Lentor MRT Station of the rapidly growing Thomson-East Coast MRT Line, The Lentor Modern is a stunning mixed-use development that is expected to grow to the point of entry of the Lentor Region. Lentor Modern is the title of the game. Lentor Modern is the metropolis of the future. Modern, modern, forward-looking and forward-looking developments that anticipate the changing lifestyles of the residents.

Lentor Modern is the main part of the puzzle that connects all the main elements of Lentor Hills Estate. Lentor Hills Estate. It will be linked directly with the proposed Lentor MRT Station located on the Thomson East Coast Line. Lentor residents will be Lentor can be linked to the public transport which will transport them to Woodlands Regional Centre, the Central Business District and quite several other places that comprise Singapore.

The View from the Showflat happy to offer you with our complete guideline regarding what private owners can accomplish with this Luxury property located within The Lentor Modern.

A new way of living In Lentor Central Lentor Modern is an urban mixed-use community that covers 6,50,000 sq ft. It's a huge shift in many ways. It will aid in the revitalization of areas like Lentor Central. Lentor Central area, by creating new public spaces as well as making the appearance of the streets. The project will also provide new services to inhabitants of the whole region.

It's a innovative technology that is inspired by the way of life in the decades to come in the near future.

The store provides a variety of experiences that include shopping, as well as specific dining options. The store offers the best conveniences for your everyday needs. The store will have more than 10,000 sq ft of area for children too.

The Open Space Cultural and Social element of the project brings together residents from Lentol Central and other areas to revive the new city center that is being created.

A significant amount of greenery has been planted in the adjoining contemporary Hillock Park and Linear Park to help transform the facade of The Lentor Modern into a modern and contemporary style that is widely known throughout Lentor Central.

The lavish houses of the future are opening the way to a new style of urban living. There are over 600 units spread over 25 floors. Residents can take advantage of a variety of facilities in Lentor Modern.

Lentor Modern located in Lentor Modern in the Guocoland exclusive zone gives residents amazing panoramic panoramas from Hillock Park and Lentor Landed Estate. Access to amenities in the urban area is easy due to Lentor Modern's central location within the line of Thomson East Coast Metrorail (TEL) which is connected to stations in Orchard and Marina South in the City Centre, Woodlands in the North and Changi Airport in the east in the near future. Residents also have the option to connect to major lines that comprise the Circle Line, Downtown Line, North East Line and the line north-south , as along with that of the East West Line through TEL. TEL. The residential and retail components which make up Lentor Modern will be connected to the wealthy and vast population.

A spectacular Double Volume Sky Terrace inside every tower has amazing views within the Lentor Hills property which is an absolute delight for all who are privileged to taking in the views. The views are enhanced by the breathtaking facilities available to residents, who have the opportunity to take in the view in the company of their friends and family.

Due to Lentor Modern its strategic position as a key component situated within Lentor Central as a added-in improvement and offering a range of luxury amenities, Lentor Modern will be the most sought-after home for residents. It is situated near to and inside Lentor Central, which is located in the City Centre. Lentor Modern is expected to be the most highly rated property for all Singaporeans and residents. Singapore and nearby Singaporeans and visitors from overseas and Singaporeans who reside within the vicinity. Join the first section to be informed of the most recent information as well as to be among the first to know of the Showflat.

As a major undertaking to be changed, Lentor Modern will quickly become a well-known urban home which redefines the standard of living should be like. It is composed of three towers with 25 stories and over 600 residences. The property also functions as an example of contemporary life . It also features retail stores F&B and supermarkets for food as well as childcare.

Lentor Latest applied sciences intention to improve the pleasure to live in a wonderful community . The community is happy and engaged in the company of others or working. The house's residents will surely enjoy themselves and lead happily throughout the vast area. It's an area that is flexible , and is filled with premium and light-weight materials. They are able to meet the needs of every client. Lentor is known for its skill in bringing the biophilic beauty to concrete structures. The possibility exists to return to your garden and be in harmony with your beloved ones you love and your family members amidst the bustle and noise of Singapore's busy city.