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Shrewsbury Church Directory now Live

Dec 18

Churches of Shrewsbury, Rejoice and share your local Shropshire worship with us

They all share a single goal: to worship God, proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and work together for the development of the community in Shropshire.

Thus, they frequently find themselves having to work together and coordinate their activities.

Soon after this, the Churches Together movement is born.

Shrewsbury Churches

On the other hand, being a member of Churches Together implies a lot more.

Each church and denomination must commit to increasing their links with each other while keeping their distinctive qualities, which are what make each organisation distinct.

They have developed a network called Churches Together that holds regular meetings of church officials and link the churches in the region to one another.

We intend to say that we are actively pursuing the unity for which Christ prays.

Our quarterly gatherings take place in a different church or denomination in town, where we share fellowship, listen to speakers on important topics, and organise Christian activities that we can all participate in together.

A wide range of Christian activities and projects are undertaken by members both inside and outside of the city.