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Homeowner's Guide to Hail Roof Damage

Dec 11

Many homeowners find winter stressful. Many things can go wrong when snow falls, including frozen pipes and ice dams.

Hail at Select Adjusters is a type of ice fragment that can vary in speed, size and composition. It is not like snow. Hailstorms are more likely to cause damage to windows. Your roof may also be damaged. This damage can be expensive to repair, especially if not noticed immediately.

How severe can hail damage to roofs be?

Any hailstorm can cause damage to roofs, depending on their condition and how fast they are hit. Metal roofs are more resilient than asphalt roofs.

  • Hail in The Size of a Dime

Although hail is not usually dangerous, hail can cause asphalt roofs to be ripped. Older shingles may also be damaged by hailstones, even at high speeds.

  • Hail in Quarter Size

Hail between the sizes of a quarter to a dime and large hail can cause minimal damage but it can cause roof damage and accelerate erosion. If asphalt or slate are already damaged, there is a greater chance that they will be broken or torn.

  • Half-Dollar

Any hailstone greater than a quarter inch can damage your roof. These hailstones can cause roof damage and metal roof damage.

How do you determine if hail has damaged your roof

There are many roofing materials available, but most have the same basic characteristics. Different tiles can show different signs of damage, so be sure to check the roof covering.

  • Checks at the Ground

After a storm, you should inspect the surrounding area for any signs of damage. You should inspect the area around your home for signs of damage after a storm.

  • Examining Metal Components of Roofs

Hail damage can affect your roof's flashings and vents as well as other metal parts. Hail damage can cause small holes, scrapes and dents on your roof.

Roofs made of asphalt or other soft tiles

Asphalt roofs are the most popular type of roofing material. They can be found on nearly every property. These are the steps you should follow to inspect asphalt roofs.

  • Look out for any granules that have fallen off your roof in your gutters and drains. These granules can indicate hail damage, but they are not always caused from hail.

  • Take a look at the shingles and see if any areas are missing from the asphalt substrate.

Roofs made of slate or ceramic

Once erected, slate tiles can be strong stone barriers that can withstand a lot of abuse. Hailstones can cause damage to slate tiles and even complete destruction.

The tiles will develop sharp, clean-edged holes if they are punctured by hail. Small cracks and punctures, no matter how deep the tiles may be, can cause them to become damaged.

It is vital to inspect tiles immediately after they have been damaged, broken or fractured by hailstorms.

Other signs that hail damage may include cracked edges or chipped corners